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Bespoke Sales Order System

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Bespoke Sales Order System

The Problem
Peers Hardy is a national distributor of watches and other associated items for a number of household brands such as Radley, Daniel Wellington and ICE Watch.  

IO Studios were tasked with revolutionising their sales and merchandising process by developing a portable piece of software that could be used effectively in the field.

Along with taking orders, the role of the Peers Hardy field sales team is to support customers through merchandising strategy.  Their daily activities include stock analysis, stock replenishment, product range advice and client relationship management.  Historically there had been a distinct lack of consistency in the methods used to do the job, ranging from the use of personal tablets to hand-written documents.  Our goal was to introduce a consistent standard of practice.

The biggest challenge for IO Studios was to create a system that seamlessly interacted with Peers Hardy’s bespoke ERP system, and yet also allowed the field sales team to do their job on the go.

The Solution
IO Studios developed a bespoke piece of software called ‘PHASE’ (Peers Hardy Automated Sales Engine), designed for portable use on 3G tablet devices.  The tool offered a range of features to help the salesperson manage their appointments, view up-to-date client account information, browse the complete product catalogue and place online orders within a live environment.  It also provided the user with a suite of reports to measure performance and goals.

The software interface was specifically designed for simple, intuitive navigation and to present clear, real-time data to both the salesperson and the customer.  To keep the design contemporary and clean we based our concept on the Windows tile theme, which worked especially well when used on tablet devices.

The biggest hurdle IO Studios faced in the project was working out an effective way of pulling and interpreting data from the existing ERP system, and also sending orders back to the system.  Our development team had the challenge of writing a series of bespoke and complex queries that interpreted the data fed from the ERP and allowed it to be used effectively within the tablet tool. 

One of the highlights of our intensive query work was reducing a pre-existing query down from 15 minutes to 30 seconds. 

This project demonstrated our skill and competence in writing bespoke software and also our willingness to work alongside existing data systems.  It required us to learn and work with technology not native to our developers in order to develop a truly bespoke solution for the client.

Our main goal was to revolutionise the sales process at Peers Hardy by introducing a new standard of practice. Not only did we achieve this, but our piece of software has increased productivity and enhanced the opportunity for up sales in the field.

  • Bespoke Software
  • Integration with ERP System
  • User experience design

IO Studios have been an exceptional partner for us to work with. Their attention to detail, customer focused approach and innovative processes have meant that we have been able to develop our IT solution, become established market leaders in our sector and drive our business forwards.

They have an unmatched ability to share a vision and work to bring those aspirations to life. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any web-based or software solution that you may require and we will continue working with them well into the future.  

I approached IO Studios to create some software in late May 2015 and the whole project from proposal to completion was done in 6 weeks.  An amazing turnaround.  Not only that, it then took them just 3 more weeks to create a phase two which I only gave them just as the main project was completed.  The team are incredibly responsive and they understood exactly what I was looking to achieve.  

I can’t say enough about the fantastic work that IO Studios has done creating our websites. We have a number of businesses and IO Studios have designed all our websites and have managed to exceed our expectations each time. I highly recommend that you use IO Studios to develop your website.

The content management system used by our staff is user friendly and enables detailed reporting which was previously not an option for us.  The website is easy to navigate with a contemporary design and many great features for potential candidates.  I can’t speak highly enough of IO Studio’s team, who have offered ongoing training and innovative ideas for future development

Our website is unique, interesting and highly engaging and all of this is down to Tom and his team

Our mail order sales were 25% up last year and over 50% of the total ordered on the net so a big thank you to you all

Impressed with the standard of work! Highly recommended for any business looking to develop or improve a website.

IO have shown themselves to be the epitome of professionalism, knowledge and delivery in this computer age

Easy to work with, personable and possessing an ability to enthuse confidence in others

IO Studios produced a fantastic piece of software for us as well as maintaining great support of the system

Finding a supplier you can trust to consistently deliver on time, in budget & with a smile - is priceless!

IO always deliver great service, which is on budget & time.They're a great source for expert advice on all things web

From database driven JQuery interactive maps to backend reporting IO always come up with great solutions.

They were incredibly thorough in their approach and came up with ideas and solutions I would have never thought of.

We have helped many companies turn ideas into
business changing software solutions