Health & Safety Software

  • Microsoft C#, VB.Net, SQL Server
  • Microsoft Cordova, iOS, Android

The Problem
When Southall Associates approached IO Studios they were a fledgling Heath & Safety consultancy company with huge ambitions to grow. They wished to create a piece of cloud based software which allowed organisations to proactively manage their health and safety requirements online in real time. They needed a long term development partner who could help them achieve their goals.

Our Solution
The software has been developed in a series of modules which has allowed Southall Associates to spread the cost and risk of development and meet the demands of their growing business. IO Studios have worked very closely with the team at Southall Associates to create a number of user friendly, easy to use modules which now form part of the core of the companies offering. Intelligent design of the system has also allowed it to be used cross device on standard computers, tablets and smart phones.

Easy to understand and intuitive user interfaces have been one of the key considerations when designing the software. Users needed to engage with the simplicity of the system to ensure they became advocates of the software, and felt empowered to use it in their day to day operations. The software monitors data in real-time and alerts users when high risk issues are logged.  There is multi-tiered granular user access allowing parent companies to inspect their sub companies allowing excellent visibility for multi-site operations. 

As the uptake for the software began to grow IO Studios have supported the Southall team with continual development, ensuring their product offers the very best user experience and covers all the latest requirements. The system is multi-lingual and is used in Europe, Asia and Africa

The Results
The company has experienced rapid growth thanks to the addition of its health and safety software, with over 400 organisations now using the system to manage their risks and compliance.  This has allowed Southall Associates to become one of the cutting edge market leaders in their sector.

We have also developed an iOS and Android mobile app that allows users of the system to create and manage their health and safety on a mobile and tablet device.

Smartphone and laptop displaying Health & Safety Software, bespoke software by ioSTUDIOS