Sales Pipeline Management -

We have helped many companies turn ideas into business changing bespoke software solutions

Sales Pipeline Management -

The Problem

Most smaller business struggle tracking where their sales leads have come from, what work they've quoted and what work they would be implementing. Some use a spreadsheet, others subscribe to vastly over complicated CRM systems which have been designed for big businesses. Others have no process at all.

The Solution

This software was out to solve a real business problem which occurs in millions of smaller businesses across the globe. We know a lot of people in business, running companies of all different shapes and sizes we asked them what systems and processes they had in place and what would make their lives easier. There feedback was it needed to be easy to use, intuitive and cost effective.

Our starting point was a simple dashboard which gives users a snapshot of their business, quickly and in one place. The dashboard gives users the ability to create their own bespoke sales pipeline.  Users can also find business through the radar tool and access a sophisticated sales reporting suite.

A multi tenanted architecture was designed allowing the solution to be scaled quickly to cope with demand for the software as a service model.

The Results

2015 saw us open the doors to beta testers on our sales pipeline management tool, SalesRadar and launched in January 2016. A 14 day free trial is available and can be viewed at

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"The system used by our staff is user friendly and enables detailed reporting which was previously not an option for us.  The system is easy to navigate with a contemporary design and many great features.  I can’t speak highly enough of IO Studio’s team, who have offered ongoing training and innovative ideas for future development"

"IO Studios produced a fantastic piece of software for us as well as maintaining great support of the system"

"Finding a supplier you can trust to consistently deliver on time, in budget & with a smile - is priceless!"

"IO Studios were incredibly thorough in their approach and came up with ideas and solutions I would have never thought of."

"IO always deliver great service, which is on budget & time.They're a great source for expert advice"

We have helped many companies turn ideas into business changing bespoke software solutions