Panicking about the delivery of a software project?

Has your business or department been tasked with delivering a software project?  Firstly, that’s great news, a well developed and implemented bespoke software solution can have a huge impact to any business.  Secondly, how are you going to deliver the project…

  • Is your development team already booked up? This is a common problem as software projects take time to spec, develop, test and deploy in a cyclical process
  • Don’t have a development team? You may have never had to create a piece of software before and therefore don’t have the technical team in place.
  • Already have everything in place – great news, you should be well set to deliver the project!

Dependent upon where you find yourself there are a number of options available to you.

Employ more developers and technical staff

This can be easier said than done, in a market where demand for developers is far outweighing the skills easily obtainable in the marketplace.  However, there is nothing more rewarding than having an awesome development team at your side turning ideas into workable solutions.

Hire contractors

This can be a solution to provide short to medium term resource to your development team.  One key thing to consider – who will support and develop the product when the contractors have left for pastures new?

Outsource the development

Again, this can be a solution but how will you manage the development?  Are the development company locally based or are they even farther afield – hopefully there isn’t a language barrier!

If you can find a trusted software development company with a proven track record (like ours :)) with an already awesome team of developers then they can start your ideas in amazing workable solutions.

A good outsourced development team should be able to help you will all the key aspects of your software project including:

  • Conceptual ideas, Prototyping
  • Specifications, User Journeys, User Stories, Project Plans
  • The actual development of the solution
  • System Architecture, security, scalability
  • Testing
  • Supporting the software and service level agreements

Any outsourced development team should be able to bring you good knowledge of multiple sectors which can be beneficial in providing ideas that span across industries.

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