Do You Need Some New Software in Your Business? Here Are Three Signs You Might…

How do you know when it’s time to invest in some off-the-shelf software or perhaps even your own bespoke business software?
Here are three signs that tell you when you need software in your business. Recognise any of these?

You’re in Excel hell!

Excel has its place, and for many businesses Excel can be a good thing. It can be great for sorting data and reviewing numbers. There’s nothing quite like a good spreadsheet at times. 
But if you’re running your entire business on a complicated network of spreadsheets then you need to stop! (please!)
Spreadsheets are great until you need to integrate them into other areas of your business or with new systems, people, or software. Then you’ll find their limit. 

You have high debtor days!

Getting paid quickly and automatically will increase your cashflow and improve your business dramatically. Late payments or even forgotten invoices cost your business and stunt your growth.
What should happen when you start or complete work is your invoices are raised automatically. Your business systems should automatically raise and chase invoices when they’re due. 
The whole process should be built into your work, job, or projects. Invoices should go out automatically and they should be correct and monitored by your system.

Finding key business metrics or KPI's is near impossible

How’s business? Do you really know? 
If you needed those key growth metrics or the predicted sales and targets for the next year, could you get them quickly and effortlessly? 
What about your cost of acquisition?
What is the average retention of customers per sector? 
What’s the most profitable area of your business? 
Where are the big profits in the future? 
What’s worth investing in and what isn’t? 
Have you got easy access to that data?
If not then there’s a good chance you need some software built into your business. 

Based on the above, do you need software in your business?

Bespoke software that gives you exactly what you want, when you want it and it’ll transform your business. 

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