How Intelligent Software Can Help Your Business Processes

Software is changing the world we live in. We can safely say you won’t go a day without being affected by software. Software makes your life and business better. That can only be a good thing, right?

Creating a solution with software not only makes your life easier but it makes your business more efficient, profitable, and more competitive too.

Do you need software in your business? How does this work and could some bespoke systems or processes really help you make more profit and grow your business?

Here are three examples of how it could work in your business with a mini case study to accompany each example.

1. Bespoke software can predict when interactions with customers are needed

The key to business growth and lead conversions is often about timing. How often has someone bought from you or signed that contract just because it was the right time for them? Knowing when people and businesses are ready to say “Yes!” to business would be powerful, wouldn’t it?

Software can help spot those times for you.

We’ve built a piece of software for a CRM which predicts when an interaction is due based on their buying behaviour. The software watches and tracks the interactions in the CRM to flag up when someone needs a nudge to buy, upgrade, or order more.  

You could use this software to check if they need to place another other or replenish stock and this will mean more sales and more profit without having to trawl all the data yourself or paying someone to do so.

Where could you use this type of software in your business? It doesn’t have to be in a CRM. It could be for your order system, your email marketing, your enquiry form, or you're your feedback forms.

2. Software can help you find the right person for the job

Filling a position in key role is a tricky task in recruitment. Even if you have an international company with teams across the globe, you still might find it tough to know you’re selecting the right person to get the job done for you.

Unless you’re superhuman, knowing the skills and experience of 100s of employees would be tough to manage. Your memory simply would be able to store it all. How do you ensure you don’t miss the perfect candidate? Software.

We’ve built a piece of software which can trawl and select the right engineer for a job or position. The software will eliminate those who are not right and show you a list of the engineers who are most appropriately suited to do a job based on their skills, training, and geographical location.

This saves your admin team a huge amount of time and it’s actually more accurate in many respects. They don’t have to have detailed knowledge of hundreds of engineers covering the UK as the software does. This helps them to be more efficient and concentrate on other areas.

Could intelligent selection help your business? Maybe so, if you have large amounts of data and information to go through to make decisions?

3. Rules, Rulesets, and Algorithms

If there’s an area in your business that has a lot of traffic and interaction then software can help take you out of the equation. The traffic can be directed automatically based on your preset requirements.

It can take a lot of time to deal with enquiries and calls and emails if they’re sent to one central hub. It’s far better to have system in place to direct that traffic to the specific department, product, or service based on some simple actions or answers.

Software can help simplify very complicated pathways and criteria of eligibility. For example we’ve built a healthcare application which takes the answers to some relatively simple questions and uses them to direct people to the right places by eliminating the areas they don’t need.  

The great thing about software is that it can be built to continually learn too. The more you use it, the better it gets, based on feedback and successful actions.

Do you have a lot of traffic in your business that’s managed centrally by one set of people Could you direct it to where it should be, making your business more efficient and giving your customers their responses more quickly?

Competitive Advantage and Efficiency

One of the best ways to win in business is to be more efficient, more accurate, and more competitive. The right software can give you the edge over your competition whilst also saving you money and giving your team and employees the space and time to grow your business for you.

Why would you want them bogged down with mundane processes and tasks when you could build software to do it for them and give them the interesting and value adding tasks instead?

Large companies understand that some processes and common tasks should be automated. They know that software can help them grow through efficiency and by being more competitive. They understand that freeing up members of the team to add the human touch can only be a positive thing.

If you’d like to see how we could give you the edge in business, contact us below. We’d love to hear from you. 

Examples of our work

We have helped many companies increase efficiency and profitability with business changing changing software solutions. Member Acquisition Software

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Job Management and Workflow Software

  • New Product Development
  • WebAPI
  • .NetCore, MVC Framework, AngularJS, MS SQL

Job Management and Workflow Software for an Solutions Partner

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Sales Pipeline Management -

  • New Product Development
  • Market Leading Solution
  • Angular

Creation of sales pipeline management SaaS product that enables SME's to effectivly track and monitor sales leads as well as find new business.

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Cloud Pricing

  • New Product Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Angular
  • C# MVC, SQL Server

Cloud Pricing is an easy to use and effective quotes system for accountants developed on the principles of bestselling author Mark Wickersham’s philosophy of Value Based Pricing.

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Lighthouse: Transport Management Software

Bespoke Transport Management solution that allows a range of Admin Users to setup and manage Private Carrier Contracts and Jobs.

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Recruitment Management & Assessment Software

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  • Responsive User Interface
  • User Experience Design

From a labour intensive paper based recruitment process to a cloud based system which was easily accessible to potential candidates.

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Lifestyle Triage, Referral and Health Trainer Software

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  • User Experience Design
  • Bespoke Software

IO Studios delivered business changing software to deliver an an innovative and disruptive model

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Fines Management Software

  • New Product Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Business Process Analysis

We conducted a thorough business analysis across all their clients to develop an innovative solution which drives operational efficiency and considerably enhances the customer experience.

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Vehicle Financing System

  • Web API
  • MVC C# ASP.Net, MS SQL
  • Angular JS
  • 3rd Party Integration

The system we created is fully integrated with CAP vehicle data so all new makes, models and prices are automatically populated on a weekly basis. Our system calculates vehicle rates for use on their own website as well as automatically populating a third party site every day via FTP.

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Driver Licence Checking

  • New Product Development
  • DVLA Integration

The system is a directly licenced DVLA authorised license checking service which enables the solution to quickly perform driver checks against current DVLA data and automatically recheck them based on their risk criteria.

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Health & Safety Software

  • Microsoft C#, VB.Net, SQL Server
  • Microsoft Cordova, iOS, Android

Creation of health and safety bespoke software and mobile apps

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Management Reporting Tool

  • User Experience Design
  • Legacy Data Integration
  • Knockout JS

Data is exchanged from the legacy system into our web based reporting tool. Data can be manipulated across multiple business units, groups and cost-codes allowing for a comprehensive granular drill down of data.

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We have helped many companies increase efficiency and profitability with business changing changing software solutions.