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Digital Transformation

Admin Business Solutions Ltd


Automotive ,Vehicle Rental, Fleet Sector

Product Description

Suite of multi-tenanted, order processing systems



  • .NET 5.0
  • Angular
  • 12.0 RESTFUL API
  • OCR Integration


  • .NET 6.0
  • Angular 13.0
  • OCR Integration
  • Google Integration


  • .NET 6.0
  • Angular 13.0
  • UK Vehicle Data API Integration
  • Email IMAP Integration
Project Size
Digital Transformation
PCN's processed
Vehicle assets managed
ve103a certificates printed
Hours in manual admin saved

Admin Business Solutions Ltd (ABS) are a leading provider of administrative functions to both large scale, principal UK vehicle rental and fleet management operators, and long term lease and short term hire operators.

These industry leading clients require accurate, efficient services to ensure their teams work at the required level - ABS supports this by managing assets, taxation, VE103a certification and processing Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) on their behalf.

Historically, many of these processes were manual and offline, which led to a number of inefficiencies and increased the chance of human error.

Following consultation with ioSTUDIOS, ABS made the strategic decision to begin a series of agile projects that would digitise and systemise its entire operation - creating a bespoke and efficient software solution for each area of service that it provides - ultimately this would lead to a more streamlined and accurate operation that would increase customer service and satisfaction.

These new, easy to use systems would provide a competitive advantage to ABS that helped the Business Development team win new and retain existing, clients. It was also hoped that ABS employee morale would improve as the suite of new systems would make everyone's day-to-day life at work easier. Another goal for the systems would be to offer them as SaaS products, in order to diversify ABS’s offering and open up new revenue streams and market opportunities.

ABS Vehicle Fleet Management systems

ABS Vehicle Fleet Management systems

ioSTUDIOS and ABS worked together to identify three initial solutions that would help power this digital transformation. Although each system was unique, they fell under an umbrella brand and style guide in terms of their colour palette, logos and font styles.

Resolve: this multi-tenanted system uses OCR technology to efficiently process PCNs. Core functionality includes:

  • OCR technology that automatically reads, logs and manages penalty notices as they enter the system.
  • A dynamic system that allows specific rules and communications to be set up to automate the processing of PCNs.
  • Escalation functionality that logs any problem or complex PCNs in a separate workflow for staff to process manually.
  • Vault: this multi-tenanted system allows ABS’s client base to manage assets and taxation for vehicles across their entire fleets. This includes ordering assets – which are stored and distributed by ABS’s central offices - and ensuring vehicles are punctually taxed each year. Core functionality includes:

  • Fleet file integration that seamlessly imports entire fleets into the system.
  • Bulk asset importing that efficiently enters assets for a fleet in a couple of clicks.
  • Tenanted ordering that makes, processes, monitors and updates orders efficiently and digitally.
  • Certify: this multi-tenanted system allows ABS’s clients to process and manage VE103a certificates – the paperwork needed to take a hire vehicle into a foreign country. Core functionality includes:

  • A dynamic ordering system, in which orders can be populated automatically, or manually - the order form can also be embedded directly onto other websites and digital platforms.
  • Integration with the DVLA database that allows for the seamless importing of vehicle data, reducing admin hours and manual errors.
  • VE103a certificate creation and printing onto official stationery at the touch of a button, integrated functionality seamlessly aligns the document, data and printer here for error-free printing.
  • These solutions were road-mapped and scheduled strategically around a number of commercial and technical milestones. This ensured the systems were designed and built in-line with business priorities, with the most critical systems going live first.

    ioSTUDIOS employed its tried-and-tested development process for each system build to ensure a solid, functional and secure project was delivered both on budget and on schedule - creating a range of systems that matched, or exceeded, the client’s expectations.

    Following go-live, ioSTUDIOS and ABS worked in an agile fashion, using data gathered from users of each system in their live state, to dictate what new or tweaked functionality was required and how and when these should be implemented. This ensured the systems were enhanced in-line with popular opinion and the real-world requirements of those using it.

    Over an 18-month period, the ioSTUDIOS development team worked closely with ABS to ensure each system and update was rolled out to specification - taking into account the current business requirements as well as the specific demands of new markets and clients who wanted to take advantage of ABS’s systems and capabilities.

    Each platform is kept up-to-date and maintained to keep it performing at an optimal level. ABS immediately saw a reduction in manual admin time and human error, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. The systems have been a highlight feature of ABS’s marketing and promotional material, leading to new clients and increased enquiries.

    Regular updates and development ensures new features and functionality are applied in an agile manner - within the next 18 months the SaaS sprint will be completed, allowing the systems to be sold as a dedicated SaaS platform to a broader audience in a bid to generate additional revenue.

    ABS Vehicle Fleet Management systems

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