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Bespoke CRM Software

Delivering bespoke CRM applications when an off-the shelf package just won’t cut it – putting you in control of your customer engagement.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Organisations who have a requirement for a highly customised CRM (Customer Relationship Management solution) may find that building a fully bespoke application will deliver significant cost savings over customising an existing enterprise application. When sector specific intricacies, complex rules or highly dynamic calculated data are used to power client interactions, the payback time on a bespoke application can be rapid as well.

Typically, our CRM clients engage with us when their system needs to be highly integrated with their business data - for example, this might be to start using machine learning to predict the appropriate time to prompt a client interaction based on consumption data and account metrics, or changes in the market. In such instances, an off the shelf product may not exist. 

With a bespoke, ioSTUDIOS built CRM, solution there are no costly on-going per user licence fees, and legacy data from an existing application can be migrated across to your new solution.

A further benefit of building a bespoke CRM solution - of which you own the intellectual property - is by including tenanted access and functionality, you can take the system to market and sell it to others. And as a subject matter expert yourself, if you recognise that such a gap exists in your niche, there's no-one better placed to do that than you.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Proof is in the pudding. See the CRM solutions we've previously created below.

As a specialist Microsoft Development house, we use the latest Microsoft technologies to create secure and scalable cloud CRM applications. We’ve helped develop specialist CRM tools for a range of clients:

-One of our clients created a social enterprise solution that targeted, converted and managed the relationship of specific Educational Establishments across the UK, based on a wide range of intricate criteria. Once converted, our client would use the system to programmatically find employment opportunities, with national brands, best suited for individual SEND people from those establishments.

-The ioSTUDIOS development team also built a CRM solution for a client that wanted to use machine learning to predict their customer’s buying behaviour. This data could then be used to increase customer service levels, customer retention and overall account spend.

-A national consortium client requested that we build a secure CRM database that allowed them to manage the relationship with top-level industry experts and specialists customers. This included a Membership Management module and an Education & Training module, that allowed our client to manage qualifications that required renewing annually.

-Our development team also created an in-house, SaaS CRM tool, that used dynamic global prospecting data to help users quickly and easily target potential customers from all around the world. The technology saves 100’s of hours in manual admin time, as it automatically searches through millions of customers - and target appropriately - in seconds.

Bespoke CRM Software

Leading technologies and integrations

As a Microsoft development house, we use the latest Microsoft tools and technology (.net5, MSSQL, C#) to build our bespoke web applications. We have expertise in frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue JS and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs

Ionic Framework
Loqate GBG

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