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API Development & Software Integrations

Our bespoke projects integrate software - new or existing - with third party tools and hardware to create high standard, high functioning solutions based on your business needs.

Get connected to revolutionise your business.

Getting software to talk effectively to each other can revolutionise an organisation's efficiency.

The data required to run your business should be able to be freely exchanged across platforms and software without the risk of data having to be manually re-keyed, converted or manipulated.

If your current software can’t do this, our team will work with you to create bespoke middleware or data warehousing solutions, or build a new bespoke software solution for your business; built with the latest technology.

There are many benefits of integrating, including:


  • Security: this is a safe and secure way of sharing information and providing online functionality, for example with online payment integration.
  • Efficiency: integrating existing third party tools into your software will be far quicker than building a replica yourself.
  • Speed & Convenience: connecting systems allows information to be shared automatically - for example, when an order is made on a clients website, it is automatically sent to the factory's manufacturing software, removing the need for manually inputting or duplicating that data.
  • Brand improvement: integrating with respected and recognised systems built by organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Stripe, or Xero can improve the perception of both your software and your brand.



Get connected to revolutionise your business.

Database solutions & services we offer

We offer various API and Software Integration services and solutions.

  • Mobile App APIs
  • Website Integrations
  • Accountancy Platforms
  • CAP Data
  • Payment Providers
  • Google Libraries
  • Location & Address Look ups
  • Marketing Communication Platforms

We've integrated many software products with third party applications.

The ioSTUDIOS development team has experience using APIs with a varied and ever-expanding suite of systems, hardware and integration protocols, including REST API, a well recognised method of connecting systems and software to securely provide information or functionality.

Recent integrations include:


  • Powering online classrooms with a third party video communications tool, allowing hundreds of students to learn and share in a single class.
  • Maximising the efficiency of a fleet of delivery vehicles by using Google’s distance matrix to create delivery zones and collate drop-offs, and its location services to keep track of drivers and their position.
  • Securely streamlining payments across a wide range of systems and sectors using integrated payment providers including Stripe, Verifone and GoCardless.
  • Increasing business efficiency with accountancy tools such as Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Integrating a large number of internal, client owned, software and hardware systems.
  • Creating bespoke software to connect eCommerce systems with manufacturers, distributors and workforces.
  • Safely integrating DVLA API to allow relevant systems and authorities to audit driver licence and vehicle information.



API Development & Software Integrations

Leading technologies and integrations

As a Microsoft development house, we use the latest Microsoft tools and technology (.net5, MSSQL, C#) to build our bespoke web applications. We have expertise in frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue JS and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs

Ionic Framework
Loqate GBG

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