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Mobile App Development

We create innovative Android and iOS mobile apps delivering you clear business changing results.

Unlike a web app, which is is hosted online and accessed via a browser, a mobile app is downloaded directly onto a mobile or tablet device. Such solutions can be advantageous to businesses of all sizes and sectors, with the benefits of mobile apps including:


  • Always on: once an app is downloaded onto a device, it can be accessed easily, quickly and on-demand.
  • Native interactions: mobile apps make the most of what a phone has to offer, including the camera, GPS, gyroscope and more, creating a fuller and more interactive experience for the user.
  • Work offline: once downloaded, some mobile apps don’t require an internet connection to run, and those that do can include an ‘offline mode,’ that offers basic functionality until a connection can be restored.
  • Organic reach: uploading your mobile app to Apple's App Store or Google's Android Play Store allows users all over the world to view, access and download your software, with no added marketing spend.
  • Privacy: not all apps are for the general public. If your app is for internal company use only, we can restrict access to ensure the software is downloaded to specific users, or devices, only.
  • Scaleable: As your business grows, the functionality and scope of your mobile app can scale accordingly to accommodate any new functionality that users may require, or added demand from an ever increasing customer base.



Mobile App Development

Mobile App solutions & services we offer

We offer various Mobile App services and solutions.

  • Android Mobile Apps
  • ioS Mobile Apps
  • App Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Play Store and App Store implementation
  • Mobile App Support 

Our tried-and-tested development process creates mobile app's that are functional as well as stylish. As well as this, our stringent internal policies also ensure your application will pass any quality and security checks required for launch on various app stores.

Using IONIC Framework, Angular and Typescript technologies, we work and build iteratively to mitigate project risk for you, our client. Working together, we first build a full prototype that can be used to test the market before developing your software in full. Following this, the prototype will be built out in code in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which can be tested further when implemented - making changes and adaptations as and when your business requires and/or grows.

Examples of Mobile Applications we've created

  • Driver Delivery - a manufacturing client wanted to bring deliveries of its product in-house in order to better service 1000's of customers a week, whilst making significant savings on 3rd party delivery solutions. Our mobile app integrated Google Maps, product scanning functionality, vehicle inspection functionality, and others, to provide an automated in-house solution for the client's Drivers - who just needed to sign-in to view their daily jobs instantly
  • Engineer Service - a water and air hygiene servicing client needed to digitise its collection and management of surveys and assessments. The app ioSTUDIOS created allowed engineer users to carry out a customisable service survey for each client on a scheduled basis. This works both online or offline and immediately updates other system users when completed - improving efficiency, auditing, forecasting and resource planning for the future.
  • Members Club – a private members club asked us to make its members’ use of its premises and services more streamlined, inline with the high standards of customer service it provided. We created an app that allowed members to sign in and out of the club with the click of a button, as well as booking and paying for products and services provided on site, conveniently, via their smart phone device.
  • Health and Fitness App - a wellbeing brand strived to help its users make healthy choices with an app that tracked their habits and nurtured their motivation and milestones. The app used research and data to engage users in a specific programme - for example improving diet, exercise, stopping smoking or cutting down on alcohol - to reach measurable goals.
Mobile App Development

Leading technologies and integrations

As a Microsoft development house, we use the latest Microsoft tools and technology (.net5, MSSQL, C#) to build our bespoke web applications. We have expertise in frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue JS and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs

Ionic Framework
Loqate GBG

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