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Software Support

Our support and maintenance Service Level Agreements provide you with peace of mind, and ensure your software remains as effective and efficient as it is on the day it first goes live.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance Agreements

After a system has gone live, ioSTUDIOS implements a Support and Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA) package. This provides support cover and ongoing maintenance for your system. Monthly SLAs are tailored to your project and business requirements, ranging from 3-5 hours for smaller, less integral systems, to 5+ days for enterprise size, commercially critical systems.

Without such routine and regular monitoring and cover your software may naturally run into issues as the underlying technologies and integrations around it change over time, so we’d always recommend this as a extremely worthwhile, useful preventative measure to take.

The maintenance aspect of your SLA package includes checking the server, databases, security and status of your system and the technical aspects it relies upon to function successfully. This ensures your software is secure and up-to-date, and allows for proactive upkeep to ensure your software continues to support your business by operating efficiently. Any issues that are discovered in maintenance are rectified quickly, and in a manner that will prevent them from occurring in the same way again in the future. This approach aims to proactively fix system issues before they become a problem you have to reactively deal with.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance Agreements

The support aspect of your SLA package includes providing Developer cover for any problems that occur on your system. 

This peace of mind, is an important aspect of any successful solution as, despite our thorough Development Process that leads to solid, secure software builds, problems can still arise. For example, perhaps one of your Users has unintentionally deleted something, or a 3rd party tool is down which has affected your software in an unexpected manner - whatever the future problem, a signed SLA package will provide an agreed mechanism to fix.

In terms of how support issues are raised, SLA clients have access to a dedicated support telephone number for working hours, as well as an out-of-hours line for emergency assistance. For those who prefer it, we also have an easy-to-use, well managed online ticket desk to log and follow the progress of any issues. These channels allow you to quickly and efficiently raise any problems as soon as they occur.

However you contact us, our support team will provide prompt and concise support, clearly explaining - where possible - what has caused the issue, and how and when we will fix it. This will be explained in layman's terms, as we know you don't want to be baffled with jargon in times where an item may need to be quickly fixed. We also keep a record of what has been raised and how it was resolved, and can provide this information in an SLA review, usually provided every three-six months

Software Support

Leading technologies and integrations

As a Microsoft development house, we use the latest Microsoft tools and technology (.net5, MSSQL, C#) to build our bespoke web applications. We have expertise in frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue JS and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs

Ionic Framework
Loqate GBG

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