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Waste Efficiency Ltd


Recycling and Waste Management

Product Description

Online Compliance, Order Processing & Reporting Software.

Project Size
Dig. Trans.

The Challenge

Finding a software solution to meet new standards and scale.

Waste Efficiency Ltd (WE Ltd) is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of waste, recycling and facilities management solutions for the manufacturing and engineering industries.

Over the last three years, WE Ltd has rapidly scaled its sales and grown its client portfolio, including notable names such as Aston Martin Formula One Racing. As a result, both its administrative and operational requirements have increased exponentially.

Using existing processes - with off-the-shelf software - to conduct daily tasks, the company relied heavily on manual procedures for data input and export. Being paper-based, these processes were not only labour intensive, but also carried the risk of loss of data, missing information and security breaches as a result of simple human error.

Now scaled, WE Ltd needed a process of automating and improving efficiencies to ensure the business could operate at a higher level, as well as allowing clients to interact with and obtain necessary data digitally, securely and on-demand.

Waste Efficiency: Waste Management Software

Waste Efficiency: Waste Management Software

The Solution

Digitising and streamlining customer data management

ioSTUDIOS led an in-depth discovery exercise onsite with WE Ltd employees at all levels to fully interpret the business and its challenges. For a holistic view, we also undertook client surveys to understand the customers’ needs in real life situations.

Following discovery, ioSTUDIOS used our expertise and internal operation processes to scope and develop a bespoke customer access data system (CADS), considering current and scalable business specifications and requirements, and co-ordinated a high impact launch for employees and clients.

Key functionality improvements:

Hazardous and non-hazardous jobs workflow – with custom functionality, this new software consolidated and automated manual processes, reducing the time taken to complete complex tasks from hours to minutes. This workflow also enabled the scheduling and repeating of tasks, removing the need for daily inputs and updates for regular procedures and processes, saving hours of labour per client, per week.

Invoicing – WE Ltd’s updated invoicing suite automates the collection, storage and generation of invoices for clients or total portfolio - a task that previously relied on Excel spreadsheets and oversight from the entire senior management team. With an efficient, digitised process, this has been streamlined to a simple end-of-month review, reducing the essential workload by almost 100%.

Document manager – The waste industry is well audited and regulated, requiring legislative documentation for each client and process. WE Ltd’s new document manager allows for both the storage and distribution of data - customised to individual requirements and schedules.

Customer portal – WE Ltd’s pioneering customer portal was the first of its kind in the waste industry, providing an unmatched level of service and transparency to its clients. This innovation not only strengthened relationships with its current portfolio, but helped drive its rapid growth and appeal - requiring additional staff to keep up with demand.

Reporting suite – The system’s bespoke reporting suite is available to both the administrative team and the customer portal, presenting real-time interactive dashboards, reports and graphs - providing analytics for employees and further transparency to clients. This dual accessibility in creating, saving and sharing customer reports saves time, money and effort for both parties.

The Result

An increase in confidence and a decrease in costs

Following implementation of the software, the business saw immediate benefits through the efficiencies and automation of day-to-day processes, leading to time savings amounting to days - not just hours - per month. This, alongside dynamic functionality, gave the administrative team the tools and tenacity to complete their day-to-day tasks in a much more streamlined and proficient manner, decreasing operational costs, but increasing output.

From start-to-finish, the software project went from discovery to implementation in less than nine months, running to a joint schedule of WE Ltd led marketing campaigns teasing the upcoming new features for customers.

With the innovative approach of providing customers with access to their own sensitive data, reporting and documentation, both client and employee confidence grew - not only in the products but in the services provided, leading to a X% increase in new business, as well as retention and renewal of existing customers.

The implementation of the CADS software has increased WE Ltd turnover by X% in year one and will provide a sustainable and scalable platform for which it can continue building upon for many years to come.

Waste Efficiency: Waste Management Software

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