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Disruptive Start-up? Software can empower your next move…

Ideas come at the strangest times, don’t they? You can be in the shower, on the train, or driving to your next meeting and then – bam! An idea hits you. 
Is it divine intervention? Or is it that our mind relaxes and allows us to think when we’re doing something fairly automated? Whatever works for you, keep doing it! 
The main problem with generating ideas is getting ideas into action. 
We meet a lot of intelligent people who’ve been in an industry for a while and they spot a problem, and they can envisage a solution. They know that solution will change the landscape of the industry they’re in. They know the answer they have in their head or on a scribbled note on their iPad has legs - but they don’t necessarily know what to do next. 
These people are disruptive
When someone starts a business in this way they’re often known as ‘Disruptive Start-ups’. These people look at the way something’s been done for a long time and then create a totally new way of doing it, or combine something else that changes the way the space will work… forever! 
They’re disruptive because this really changes the status quo and for some, this disruption isn’t welcomed. 
Disruptive innovation
There have been countless advances in the past few decades in the world of tech and tech is disrupting the way we work, live, and play. 
Blockbuster video - Friday nights will never be the same again thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Blockbuster didn’t change with the times, and now they’re gone. 
HMV – Vinyl is making a niche comeback, but for the most part, buying music in its physical form is over. The invention of the iPod, and then the integration into iPhone made sure of that. And now millions of people store their CDs in their loft, not quite bearing to part with them!
Uber – When you think about it, it’s often easier to hail a cab in the city than use the Uber app, but the disruptive tech start-up created the illusion of time. Being able to see the  location of your cab, and also knowing the name and rating of your driver, changed the taxi game - probably forever! 
And there are countless others who have fallen under the axe of the disrupter. Kodak didn’t see digital cameras coming, MySpace fell to Facebook, and Airbnb certainly changed the game of bed and breakfasts.
Got an idea that could change the industry? Use software to do it. 
Are you a disrupter? Could you be?
Here are some signs that you could be an undercover disrupter:
You’re using a hack or system not seen in your space. 
You can't understand why someone else isn't doing it.
You can see a one-to-many model that transcends anything available. 
You’ve managed to build a system that makes a very traditional and profitable business model work faster and more reliably with software, over admin and people. 
If you’re working away and you know there’s a problem with the core of the business you’re in or maybe that there isn’t a solution out there to make what you do scalable, faster, or more predictable, then software would help you. 
We’ve worked with traditional industries including car hire, medical, housing, estate agents, and even tutoring to create a software-based answer to their outdated ways of doing things. 
We recently worked with a start-up who realised that they could deliver what they (and millions like them) deliver one-to-one, in a scalable one-to-many model. 
We took every element that made this traditional delivery work in person and developed it into an online program. This was more than a simple download series; it took every element of the real-life experience and then not only replicated it, but improved it!
They even built in a kick-back to people in developing communities who wouldn’t be able to afford the system and used that as a giving back process that fitted well with their business model. 
It’s all systemised, all trackable, and all very saleable. 
Oh… and it’s like nothing out there right now. We can’t tell you much about it – it’s that secret and has that much potential! It’s an exciting space to be in right now.
Pulling your hair out or brimming with ideas? Let’s talk…
Even if you’re a more established business, you can be empowered by software. Struggled for a long time with your current software? Frustrated about productivity and just wish there was an answer to automate and systemise more of what you do?
Even implementing a bespoke CRM tool can change things dramatically. 
Don't know how to do it? We really should talk. There’s a strong chance that software can make most of it happen. 
Worried you don’t have the capital? We help clients raise funding, too. If your idea is a truly unique and industry-changing one, you might find you have all the encouragement you could ask for! 
We build business-changing software (and help people disrupt industries!) so let’s chat.

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