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From Thought, to Conception, and then Completion - Software Brings Ideas to Life

From Thought, to Conception, and then Completion - Software Brings Ideas to Life


You can’t help but have noticed that more of the world is moving to the cloud, and the Internet of Things is becoming more engrained in everyday life. Businesses are moving towards systems and processes led by software to help them grow. 

Almost anything online now can be linked to other systems. Modern offices and homes can have everything from the heating, lights, entertainment, and security all linked up to one place, one system and often one device. 

Your business needs to grow and to grow it needs ideas. Ideas are great, action is better and a system or software to make sure it happens is best. 


Everything starts with a thought…

It’s interesting when you think about that statement, isn’t it? Everything around you right now, including the device you’re reading this on now, was once just a thought. Everything starts as a thought. All of the greatest advances in technology over the past few decades were the same. 

In your business you’ve built ideas into processes and eventual profits. Taking a thought to an idea and putting it into action is what business is about, essentially. 

Ideas are great; they come to you all the time. Not all of them will serve you but every now and then you come across an idea that you know could grow your business, change the world of your customers, and add great value to the world around you. 

Ideas are great - but how do you get them to work?

That eureka moment will stay just that unless you take action. Just simply drawing out your idea, your plan, or your new product, will move it from idea to something more tangible and some of the most famous and ground-breaking advances will have done just that. 

But what next? How do you get your new idea into action? 

More people in your business isn’t always the answer

It can often be simple to think “who can do this?” or “who will make it happen?”. Build a new service or product into your business and the transactional side of it will inevitably come into play. 

Bring in more people? Add to your current team’s work? It’s not always the right answer. More often then not, software can make it work for you and keep your team doing what they do best. 

Knowing when to build a system over hiring more people is something to get good at and we’ve shared useful information on how to know when software is the alternative answer to hiring recently on this blog. Software is essential to business growth right now. 


Is there a solution out there already? 

There might be. There are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions to common problems in business, growth, processes, and more. You might find that the answer to your new and exciting problem has already been created. But there are many reasons not to go for an off-the-shelf answer over a bespoke one, too. 

Software makes it possible, and bespoke software is best

If you’re set for big growth and your idea or innovation is truly unique then you might want to invest in some bespoke software that does exactly what you need it to do without any of the compromises that comes with pre-built software solutions. 

Often this is when you’re creating a system to link up other systems, you’re upgrading from a legacy system that’s bloated, or you want to be able to sell the software itself once you’ve proven the model. 

Software is scalable too

Software grows with your business and your idea. Simply bringing in more people, more admin, or more spreadsheets doesn’t need to be a choice or an action for you now. Software can do so much more than you could imagine. In fact, if you can imagine a process in your business, we certain we could create software to make it a reality. 

Software is scalable as it rarely matters how much your ask of it, 10 X your business on the same processes and the software will just keep on working, allowing you to control the costs of growth and almost grow exponentially without increasing costs, thus growing your profits more and more.  

Enable all your team to get on board with your new innovation

Of course, you’ll still need a team, staff, and people in your business in most cases. The software we build or other solutions you add can enable all your team to work on the idea, implement it and if you add in software to your new innovation then they can all build it with you in the future too. 

Without ideas, change and action you’ll never grow – let us help you

Growth in business is essential if you’re to stay in business and develop in the future. In most cases software will make this easier, less painful, more profitable, simpler to oversee, and far easier to scale. 

The software you need might not exist, it might not be part of your future plans, it might not be on your radar, but we’re certain (because we’ve seen it time and time again) that software can change your business for the better. 

If you’ve had a great idea or simply want to improve your business internally and look at how software could help you, give us a call. We’d love to hear about and help you with your business. 


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