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Those Everyday Jobs are Killing Your Productivity – Automate or Build a System

Change needs to happen for growth to occur. You can’t continue to build your business with the same level of thinking it took to get you to where you are now, and you can’t do it with the team or resources you have now.

If you’re serious about growth and continually improving your products and services then you’ll be aware of that. If you’re not, then you may need to re-think your strategy a little.

Growing a business requires vision, passion, expertise, and the right people around you. If you take Richard Branson’s advice then you’ll hire those people and get out of their way and let them do what you hired them to do.

No matter what business you’re in though, you’ll reach a plateau where you simply can’t grow without getting more people, more expertise, and more importantly better systems, processes, and inner networks.

We build business-changing software. The reason we can happily say that we do this is that’s exactly what good software does for a business. It changes it, for the better!

If you’re reaching a plateau in business, if you’re unable to grow without hiring more people or working more hours then we should talk. You might be interested in what we can do for you.

How do you know if you’re in need of software in your business?

There are two significant reasons to look at introducing software to your business

  1. Productivity. Software can hugely benefit your productivity when used well. When you increase your productivity you’ll be able to measure the success of it by time, profitability, and visibility.
  2. You’ve spotted a problem that needs fixing (for everyone). The second reason is that you’ve spotted a niche, loophole, or you’ve had a brilliant idea to make your processes or business more LEAN and more productive. The software created to solve this could help others in your industry, too.

Most businesses we work with have the first reason – productivity. Or should we say that they have the first problem. Lack of it! Most businesses will grow and get to the point where the systems, processes, rules, team, strategies, marketing, sales, website, and even their buildings no longer serve them; they hinder them.

Most businesses reach the plateau

If you want to push on, if you want to grow big, if you want to reach the next level, then it’s time to look at everything you’re doing with fresh eyes. Work out how you can grow or how you can expand to more markets and attract more people.

You might look at your team and presume you need more members of staff. However, we often find that they’re not the issue; it’s how much they’re doing that could be automated that’s key.

Some of your business functions and processes will be repeated over and over again so it makes sense to have a system for them. Right now, if you’re looking to grow, a lot of those ‘systems’ are actually processes for your team to follow. Although this is commendable and completely the right way to go about it, if it’s repeatable you should consider automating it.

You need your data now, not later

The data in your business should be driving your activity, your marketing, your purchases, your hiring, and looking at which areas to focus on.

How you’re performing on paper should be the catalyst to constant change and improvement in your business.

Knowing and understanding the numbers in your accounts is powerful. Correct? So do you know the numbers for everything in your business as well?

Software can give you much-needed insight into what the data means to your business. Getting statistics on the following areas can really help you see the bigger picture and drive change and growth through better decision-making.


  • How many jobs/projects do you have on right now?
  • How many are incomplete?
  • What is your success rate for converting leads?
  • What’s your churn rate on customers and how good is your retention?
  • How many products do you have in stock?
  • What do you need to order?
  • When can you afford to order it?
  • What’s your most profitable stock item or service?
  • What’s the cost of acquisition for a client?
  • What’s the most profitable thing you do - and what’s not?


… the list goes on. You might have this data somewhere, you might have a ‘feeling’ about what it is, but what you really need is that data right at your fingertips so you can review, improve, and make faster and more carefully informed decisions. That’s what good software can do for you!

If you can imagine it, you can create it

You might think it’s not possible, but with software there is rarely anything that can’t be created. If you can think it, we can build it.

What’s really satisfying is working with a company who have some superb services and products but have grown and not been able to update their internal engine. That’s really exciting to us because we can take data and information in all types of forms and turn it into a dashboard for your business, and turn everyday tasks into business changing automating. Does that sound like you? If so, we’d love to chat about how we can make your life easier and your business better.

The question you should really ask yourself if this:

What’s holding you back right now? What part of your business has become so heavy and slow that it takes more time and more people to make it work?What would you like to wave a magic wand at and fix?

The chances are that off-the-shelf software or certainly something bespoke could add that magic into your business.

Where do you want to be in five years?

You can’t get to that grand vision on the same thinking and systems you have right now so look at what you need to bring in, what you need to stop doing, and who you need to take tasks from to let them add the value you hired them for.

Get the bigger picture, solve a long-term problem and build a system that can handle 10 times the business you have now for no more investment or time.

An efficient piece of software could change your business and revolutionise your life… ask us how!

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