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Timing in sales is essential to success: software can help you succeed

It’s long been the thought that timing and sales work hand in hand. If you’re looking for success with sales then it’s not just the conversations, marketing, or sales team that you need to look at it – it’s the timing. 
There are many examples of timing being the contributing factor to success, and this goes way beyond sales. Timing can be essential to many areas, but in sales it’s almost impossible to gain success without great timing. 
How many times has a prospect of client told you during a sales conversation that, “This is just perfect timing for me”, or that, “You couldn’t have timed that better - this is exactly what I need right now”.
Let’s break that last sentence down a little:
“You couldn’t have timed that better - this is exactly what I need right now.”
“You couldn’t have timed that better…” 
The timing needs to be spot on. 
“… this is exactly what I need right now.” 
And the product or service you’re selling needs to fit the need of the prospect too. 

Timing is everything in sales

Why is timing crucial to the success of sales? 
It’s not only showing that you know and understand your customer; it’s showing that you care, and you listened to them. 
Good timing in sales gives:
A more human approach
A more relevant conversation
Interactions with more context
And a better way to build trust
Timing - good timing - is important because it means that everything is in place for that “yes” to come your way. 
The right timing can give you context – it can be as simple as knowing that a busy period is coming up for a prospect, and reaching out with information on how you can help reduce their work load. 
Offering support at the right time in the buying cycle can be the difference between a “yes and a “no”. Too soon and the information is irrelevant; too late and they could have chosen a competitor.

Software can help you be more timely

We’re sure that you’ve been ‘lucky’ in the past and that you’ve called, emailed, met, or even messaged on social media, someone who bought from you. You may have just thought you were in the right place at the right time. It’s a numbers game, but it’s possible that you’ll keep seeing that happen. 
Software is completely changing the world we live in. Every day we interact with software, whether we know it or not, passively or actively. 
Software uses signals and data to give better results. In the sales process, in those interactions and in the data that goes with it, are signals and data that software can use. 
Ask yourself these two questions: 
How do your customers currently buy from you?
How well-equipped are you to use your sales data or trend data to proactively sell to your main customer base? 
Sales predictions are possible with software. Data from your current customers can trigger human or software activity that can improve your bottom line. Bespoke software can be used to essentially predict when interactions with customers are needed, and thus increase your sales and turnover. 

It’s all about timing

One of the keys to business growth and lead conversions is often the timing. 
How often have you bought from a company just because the timing was right? Knowing when the people in businesses are ready to say “Yes!” is incredibly powerful. 
We have a great piece of software that we’ve developed recently that predicts when customers should be buying. It uses data from places like previous sales and other, related customers, and then maps out and predicts when people in your customer base are ready to buy again. 
The software then tracks interactions and flags them up for the sales process to kick in. The software puts these customers into a workflow so that the sales team can spot them and take the right action to make that next sale. 
They sales team love it as their job is now far easier. Think about it: if all your sales calls were timed perfectly, how great would your success rate be? 
More often than now, the timing is bang on and the sales and that bottom line will grow and grow! 
That intelligent piece of software is delivering some incredible benefits to our customer in terms of extra sales and turnover. 
Timing is everything. Is now a good time to talk about that? 
Here’s a question for you:
How much better would your business look if you could predict the future sales and success of those sales? How better would you be if your sales team only made the right calls at the right time? 


Timing in sales is powerful, software that predicts it is business-changing! 

That’s what we build, business-changing software. If you have data from current and past customers, shouldn’t we have a conversation about that? 
Drop us a line now and we’ll see what your data could predict if only it had the software to link it up. 

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