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Why You Shouldn’t Compromise With off-the-shelf Software for Your Business

At the time of writing this there are almost six million apps in the App Store and Google Play store. Imagine that for a second. Six million! Zapier, a web-based service that allows users to integrate the web applications they use, say that they can now link over 1000 different desktop cloud-based apps.

Every day apps and of-the-shelf software is running the world you live in and in many respects is working hard for businesses too.

From CRMs to storage, reminders, task management and more, apps are a great addition to your business.

But when will you outgrow these great but slightly limited off-the-shelf options? When is it time to get your very own bespoke software?

Competitive Advantage

One of the most exciting reasons to create a bespoke piece of software in your business is that it can give you the competitive advantage. Using bespoke software to do something better than anyone else will undoubtedly give you the edge.

If you’re having to manage 100s of transactional tasks every day that then need further actions and you’re using something off-the-shelf to help you, you might not have the full picture, the best solution, or the data you need to help you to drive your business forward.

The great advantage of having some bespoke software is that your developer will simply ask you what you’re trying to achieve now (and more importantly what you’d like to achieve in the future) and create some software to make that happen.

In the past we’ve developed software that sped up processes, helped with sales transactions, prompted up-sells, managed departments and more simply we’ve created intelligent software that became an internal process for the business.

You won’t get ahead by running at the same speed

“I believe you win the race by looking forward, not behind.” - Payal Kadakia.

If you’re using off-the-shelf software it’s probably being used by everyone else too – including your competitors. You’re keeping your business at the same pace as your competition and you risk holding back progress.

The business who looks forward will be working on their own software to build in futureproof processes and have a core that’s able to adapt to the business as it changes; not keep it in the constraints of a program built for all.

If everyone is using the same programs and software, then what gives you the competitive edge? More marketing? Better brand? More money? Wouldn’t it make sense to invest internally and get your business operating faster and more efficiently? Wouldn’t it be great to have data, processes and systems that allow you to do more than anyone else and give your customers and better experience and possibly even a more cost-effective product or service?

We’re not just talking about CRMs here…

Many business across the globe are now using bespoke CRM systems, but we’re not talking specifically about them here. We’re talking about helping you with the core of your business; the engine, the data, transactions, processes, and more that drive your business forward.

Let’s for example say that you’re a vehicle rental company. You rent cars and vans. One of the core parts of your business is getting the cars and the keys out to the customer and before that happens you have checks to do.

Linking up insurance checks, driver licencing, payments, customer details, and payments into one system would quickly speed up your business transactions and give you happy customers. You’d also have a record of all the checks in one place instead of four or five.

This bespoke process then enables your team to rent more vehicles, you need fewer staff (who can make human mistakes) and the business becomes lean from the very core. 

Can you do a better job with a more bespoke option?

More often than not that we see a business stagnate because they’re stuck with a system that’s limited. Off-the-shelf software is designed for the masses, not you. Your business is unique, with a unique focus, vision, and people. Your software should work with that that, not hold it back.

When you create something bespoke it’s created to make your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable - and it helps you to grow.

Off-the-shelf software can’t always do that and you might find that stops you being competitive.

Is it time to get the edge over the rest?

Bespoke software will pay for itself very quickly in most cases and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities. Don’t let off-the-shelf send you round-the-bend or keep the handbrake on your business.

Lay out what you want and need to do and commission some software that can do it for you. Don’t run your business with systems pre-set for the masses by software that’s too general to be competitive.

Need help? We’d be happy to talk about your business and what software could do to push it forward.

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