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Arrow Specialised Transport


Private Transport Carrier

Product Description

A bespoke Transport Management solution that allows Admin Users to setup and manage Private Carrier Contracts, Drivers, Employees and Vehicles on one system.

  • .NET Core 5
  • Angular 11.0
  • Rest API
  • Third Party API Integration
Project Size
Dig. Trans.

The Challenge 

Digitizing the operation to provide deeper, more accessible data

The client, an established specialist transport provider, hold contracts with Local Authorities to transport children with special educational needs and disabilities to schools across the UK.

The business had realised its current way of operating was not providing the transparency and depth of data required for the efficient running of the business, which was leading to unnecessary challenges in the day-to-day operation and was also slowing growth.

The management team therefore considered commissioning a bespoke modern cloud application built to better meet the businesses requirements and so approached ioSTUDIOS to see how we could help.

Lighthouse: Transport Management Software

Lighthouse: Transport Management Software

The Solution

Digitizing & reassembling in the Lighthouse system

As per their usual working process for a project of this nature, ioSTUDIOS first conducted a number of Discovery exercises with Arrow’s management team.

After gaining a good understanding of Arrow’s business and the brief, a Prototype was created that showed how the new system could hold a number of datasets for the all of Arrow’s Clients, Contracts, Jobs, Vehicles, Employees etc.

The Prototype also showed how the system would allow Rules and Logic to be applied to these datasets. These would power various processes and workflows on the system that allowed Admin Users to efficiently process and manage everything for example –

Mass Job Generation - Clients and Contracts for years at a time could be setup by completing a few simple forms - the system would then automatically generate everything for this in the background.

- If a Driver called in sick, or a Vehicle taken off the road, the system would quickly help an Admin User fill any now Driver/Vehicle-less Jobs.

Financial Reports Exporting

Financial Reporting would then be driven from this, with system reports being directly exportable into Sage.

Notification Functionality

The prototype also showed that the system would use Notification functionality that alerted Users of any issues – such as Expiring Driver Licenses - as they occurred. This ensured all compliance data was visible and could be suitably monitored.

ioSTUDIOs UX Lead ensured the Prototyped version of the system was built in a fashion that was accessible and intuitive, whilst remaining on brand and style with existing company guidelines.

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