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Digi. Trans Project

Stallion AI Services Ltd


Equine Semen Collection & Storage

Product Description

Application that streamlines the freezing, storage, and ordering processes for Stallion AI's core 'Equine Semen' operation.

  • .NET Core 2.1
  • Angular JS
  • Third Party API Integration
Project Size
Dig. Trans.

The Challenge

Digitising an increasingly inefficient system

Stallion AI are an equine breeding organisation, providing services for Horse Semen Collection, Storage, and Shipping.

For these services, the company previously used a series of spreadsheets to organise and hold collection, stock, and order data. This admin heavy, manual way of working meant its office functions were operating inefficiently, with an unnecessary amount of 'manual error' risk and were therefore, inadvertently stumping the businesses scalability.

As a result, Stallion AI reached out to ioSTUDIOS to develop a system that could digitise and improve various processes as well as storing and organising a larger volume of data.



The Solution

Developing a modern, scalable, all-in-one software solution

Following an in-depth discovery period ioSTUDIOS and Stallion AI outlined two focus areas: the collection and storage of stock and the pick, pack, and dispatch of orders.

A number of workflows were included in SAINT that digitised all of the inbound processes for collecting horse semen. When such workflows had been completed, the resulting data would be stored efficiently on the system, in a fast loading, easy-to-navigate, storage area.

The system holds the data for all Collections, Orders, Owners and Animals, these tables all have their own keyword search and filtering funcitonality, allowing Admin Users to quickly discovery whatever bit of information that they might be searching for. In their previous, offline system, simple information searches such as this would have taken a significantly longer amount of time.

It was also decided that SAINT should streamline the ordering process by providing stock availability to the ecomm store, with website orders being passed back into the Order workflow. Stallion AI employees could then use this workflow to process Orders with a range of efficiency adding functionality, including recommending the most relevant stock from the on-system Storage Tank to use and automatically sending customer communications confirming the stock was being processed/dispatched/sent etc.

The Outcome 

Streamlined workflow for time and cost savings

SAINT enables Stallion AI Services to run its business more efficiently – its freezing, storage, and shipping process has gone from hundreds of spreadsheets, to a single application. All customer information has been digitized, allowing for quick and easy access. The knock-on effects of this also have strong business benefits – hours saved, staff freed up, and a system less prone to human error.

The system is configurable, module, and scalable, and has been designed to perform well with any number of users, orders, and data. Going forward, this puts the business in a stronger position to grow and expand.


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