API Development & Software Integrations

We integrate bespoke software products with third party tools to improve your data flow and efficiency.

Getting connected.

The data required to run your business should be able to be freely exchanged across platforms and software without the risk of data having to be manually re-keyed, or manually converted to another format.

Getting software to talk effectively to each other can revolutionise an organisations efficiency.

If your current software can’t do this, we can either work with you to create bespoke middleware, or data warehousing solutions or we can create you a new bespoke software solution for your business; built with the latest technology.

We’ve recently:

-Performed a patient zero integration on behalf of a leisure management business into their membership software allowing us to create an optimised transactional membership website. Our team coordinated with both the client and membership software provider to design and build an API that met the business requirements of our client

-Performed a patient zero integration on behalf of a group of horticultural nurseries into their nursery management software and into their image library partner allowing us to create an ecommerce website with real time stock data, integrated order management and a live feed of high quality imagery.

-Created an optimised shipping module on behalf of a 3rd party logistics business which integrated into their warehouse management software and major postal services to calculate the most appropriate and cost effective shipping method

Database solutions & services we offer

We offer various API and Software Integration services and solutions.

  • Mobile App APIs
  • Website Integrations
  • Accountancy Platforms
  • CAP Data
  • Payment Providers
  • Google Libraries
  • Location & Address Look ups
  • Marketing Communication Platforms

Leading technologies and integrations

As a Microsoft development house, we use the latest Mircosoft tools and technology (.net5, MSSQL, C#) to build our bespoke web applications. We have expertise in frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue JS and are highly experienced with complex integrations utilising APIs

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Loqate GBG

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