Fines Management Software

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  • User Experience Design
  • Business Process Analysis

The Problem

Processing penalty fines for large fleets of vehicles can be incredibly resource intensive. With hundreds of issuing authorities, dozens of fine types and escalations which can become incredibly costly the whole process can become incredibly complicated and very difficult to manage. Often fleet managers and drivers have no visibility of the fines accrued from their leasing or rentals company resulting in a negative brand experience.

The Solution

Working closely with our partners at Admin Business Solutions who process over 250,000 fines a year we conducted a thorough business analysis across all their clients to develop an innovative solution which drives operational efficiency and considerably enhances the customer experience.

Fines are now scanned into the software and processed through a custom work flow based on business rules around transfer type, payment options, moderation and administration charges. The solution allow granular rules down to individual driver level, and a full audit history of all transactions therefore making it the most comprehensive solution available for processing penalty fines.

Client and drivers can be notified by email, SMS and letter whilst clients many vehicles can opt to receive a daily fleet status email. Clients have access to a client portal where they can view PDF copies of fines, run a variety of reports and view graphs and KPIs. Drivers can access a driver portal by entering a PCN number and access code provided in their email or SMS which allows them to view the accrued fine and step out to the issuing authority’s website to pay the fine.

The Result

The solution is used by several of the UKs leading vehicle leasing and daily rential businesses who have instantly seen the business benefit this system will bring. If you require this service or would like to arrange an online demonstration of this system please contact our partners Admin Business Solutions on 01564 701 100.

Smartphone and laptop displaying Fines Management Software, bespoke software by ioSTUDIOS